Will you list my house on the market?

No, we buy directly from you. Your house doesn't have to be listed, which eliminates all agent commissions and fees. You are also avoiding home inspectors, appraisals, and bank loan procedures & requirements.

What if my house is occupied by a tenant or squatter?

We can still close the transaction with the tenant or squatter occupying the property. We will handle the eviction process ourselves from there. We can handle with junk being left on the property as well.

How do you calculate the cash offer on my house?

We make our buying process simple and transparent. The main factors that we consider when calculating the offer will include things like location, property current condition, and the value of comparable properties nearby. We will be happy to explain how and why we decide upon the offer for your house.

How are you different from a real estate agent?

A real estate agent or a realtor can help you with listing your house on the market. Typically, selling a house with an agent would take about 3-6% of the value of the house. This is a great service for someone who can afford to wait months to sell and is okay with paying part of the sale price to the agent.

Our process is different because we will not charge you any extra fees or commissions for the deal. We have licensed real estate agents on our team, and can list the property on the market for you, but most of the time we deal with properties that are over-leveraged, condemned, distressed, has liens or violations, fire damaged, etc.

We are ready to deal with any situation, and offer you a fair cash price for your home. We can deal with all the repairs, cleaning, or updates. That's how we earn a living - buy selling the property on the market, after fixing it and resolving all kind of issues that were related to it.
We don't charge any commissions at the moment of you selling the house, but the real estate agents would do.

How do I get the offer from you?

Just click on the button in the right top corner saying "GET MY CASH OFFER" and fill out the information. You will receive an offer within 24 hours, and there's no obligation nor cost to it.
We believe so deeply in the quality of our work that if you're not happy with the offer, there's no hard feelings.

I need more time. Can we go slower?

We always buy on your timeline. We will take the time to understand your situation, and maybe help you with it. We always work on your schedule and make the whole process convenient to you.